About me ...              

My name:

 Wim Lemmens        

Greatest hobby:

 Cycling sport          

Other hobbys:

 Gardening and NFL          

When did it all start:

 1967 World Championship in Heerlen.        
             The circuit was just around the corner. I was still a kid and my parents took me to the race.        
             The pro race was won by a young Belgian rider a guy called Eddy Merckx.        
             People said he would become a star...        
             Earlier that year I heard my parents mentioning something about a rider that was killed in the Tour de France.        
             But the roots go tens of years back. My dad and his brothers where also very interested in cycling.        
             Immediate after the Second World War they visited all the big races in the region mainly in Valkenburg.        
             And when the Tour or the World's (1952 Luxembourg and 1954 Solingen) where not to far away they rented a bus and together        
             with their friends they visited those races also.        

First race seen on TV:

 Tour de France 1968 when Jan Janssen became the first Dutchman ever to win the race.        
             I can remember that we all watched on tv the final outcome of a very tense final stage.        
             During the summer holidays I always watched the Tour de France.        
             From the years 1969,1972,1973 and 1975 I can still recall some moments.        
             The 1976 Tour de France was the first race that I almost watched in total on the television.        
             I also remember that cold and wet 1973 edition of the Amstel Gold Race when Eddy Merckx clinched his first victory in Meerssen        
             at the top of De Lange Raarberg.        
             I do remember the world championships of 1972, 1974 and especially 1975 in Yvoir when Hennie Kuiper claimed the title.        
             Back in the seventies most of the big races were already covered by Dutch and Belgian television.        
             From most of these races I now have a dvd-copy too and in those cold winter months they keep me going.        

My photo camera:

 In 1985 I bought my first camera a Minolta slr.        
             Since 1998 I'm working with Nikon. From 1995 to 2008 I also had a Bronica medium size camera.        
             Some of my best photos ever are made with this very special gear.        

My website:

 I started my own website in 2005. That was a real challenge then before that time I had never worked with a computer.        

Visit to the races: 

 In 1978 I followed the Amstel Gold Race for the first time on my bike.        
             I am still following the races in my home province on my bike. It makes me more flexible.        
             Early nineties my mobility had increased so I could visit more races.        

Best professional photographer:

 Graham Watson. Unfortunately he went in retirement at the beginning of the 2017 season.        

Most interesting races to visit:

 Paris-Roubaix, Tour de Romandie, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a Espana.        

Most memorable cycling moment:

 Joop Zoetemelk winning the 1985 world championship title in Italy.        

Worst cycling moment: